Dear Presidents, Country Representatives, WKO Branch Chiefs, National Coaches,

Dear Shihan, Sensei, Senpai, Dojo Leaders and Karatekas,


On behalf of The European Karate Organization, we are very honored to invite you to the

European Kyokushin / Shinkyokushin Championship


13th – 14th of November – Oradea, Romania


Venue:  “Antonio Alexe” City Sport Hall Oradea, Calea Cazaban no.3 Oradea; capacity:  2.500 seats


• 2 participants per country in each weight category KUMITE and individual KATA,

• Organizing country has one extra participant in each category.


Girl’s / Women’s Events
Age groupYear of birthKataKumite Weight categories
Cadets2005, 2006Yes-50; -55; -60; -65; +65 kg
Juniors2003, 2004Yes-50; -55; -60; -65; +65 kg
Youth U21**2001, 2002, 2003*Yes-50; -55; -60; -65; +65 kg


Boys’ / Men’s Events
Age groupYear of birthKataKumite Weight categories
Cadets2005, 2006Yes-50; -55; -60; -65; -70; -75; +75kg
Juniors2003, 2004Yes-60; -65; -70; -75; -80, +80kg
Youth U21**2001, 2002, 2003*Yes-65; -70; -75; -80; -85; -90, +90 kg

*18 years on the day of the competition

** Medal Winners at ADULTS EC/WC (1st – 3rd places) or Open Weight EC/WC (1st-8th place) cannot register for U21  


(protect the face with a net/bars or plastics)

Chest protectorYesYesNoNoNoNo
White Shin ProtectionYesYes YesYes YesYes
White GlovesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Knee ProtectionYesYesYes YesNoNo
Groin ProtectionYesYesYesYesYesYes

Breast Protection
(Only Cup Type allowed)

Mouth ProtectionOPTIONAL

*Because of the pandemic situation, all competitors are requested to bring their personal set of protections.


Online registration of participants, referees officials is available from 1st of September 2021.

Deadline for National teams, officials and others registration 15th of October 2021

On-line registration available at

At the Official Registration all participants are requested to present:

1. A written medical certificate (English), not older than 3 months.

2. A written certificate of non-pregnant for all female participants.

3. A written approval from legal guardian for all minors (under 18 years old at time of event).

4. A signed waiver for all participants.

5. Official EKO passport with 2021 stamp

6. Documents imposed by the local authorities regarding Covid19 vaccination and/or testing


11th and 12thof November2021

Thurs/Fri: Arrival of WKO Guests, of EKO Board, Committees, Referees, Officials and Participants

Medical testing procedures at the official hotel in accordance with established regulations

11.11.2021 Thursday

15:00-20:00 Referee course for all referees that apply for a license.

12.11.2021 Friday

10:00 – 16:00 weight and medical control;

09:00 – EKO referee committee meeting;

10:00 – EKO technical and grading committee meeting;

11:00 – EKO medical and anti-doping committee meeting;

12:00 – EKO Board meeting;

15:00 – EKO Referee seminar;


19:00 – Draws;

20:00 – Welcome Dinner for EKO, VIP, CR and BC

All meetings will take place in the Official Hotel

13.11.2021 Saturday – 1st Day:

10:00 – Startof European Championship 1stday;

      • Kata all age categories,
      • Cadets U16 kumite tournament on 3/ 4 Tatami)

19:00 – Awarding Ceremony

14.11.2021 Sunday – 2nd Day:

10:00 – Start of European championship 2nd day;

      • Kumite for Juniors and U20 ( on3/ 4 Tatami)

19:00 – Awarding Ceremony

21:00 – Sayonara Party for EKO, VIP, CR and BC.

Because of the age differences, the regulations concerning the alcohol use, the regulation imposed by the pandemic, we consider that a Sayonara Party for all participants is not possible at the present time. In case the conditions change, we will make the necessary arrangements.  We will adapt to the situation and find a form to celebrate the closing of the event.

15.11.2021 Monday:

12:00 – Check-out and Departure.


As organizers of European Kyokushin/Shinkyokushin Karate Championship for Cadets, Juniors and Youth U21,we wish you many sports successes and a pleasant stay in Oradea.